Let’s Run Away

Met her on a bus down in Mexico
She was by herself and I was all alone, so I said
Hey there honey, looks like we’re both on the run

She closed her book and she asked my name
I said Mr. Tyler Preston, ma’am, one and the same
and roadside bars and old guitars are my game

I’ve been on the run since I left Santa Fe
I had to get out of the country for a couple of days
You look like a ribbon blowin’ in the wind
And there’s just one thing that I’m wonderin’

Where you wanna go, what you wanna do
‘Cause baby girl I wanna run away with you
We could chase the sun across the sky
Sleep out in the desert under stars in the night
We could run off to the mountains, make our getaway
Or we could head down to the beach and find a place to say
Let’s run away

Songwriter: Tyler Preston