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Tyler PReston: An American Hero

Born abroad the high seas and raised by wolves in the dark heart of Alaska, Tyler Preston may not be your typical Texas troubadour, but he’s the genuine article: road-worn and honest to a fault, with an old soul that speaks to audiences everywhere.  

He’s headlined every honky tonk from Hackensack to Honolulu. He’s scaled the Seven Summits of the world in his favorite flip flops. He’s won dozens of bullfights in Spain by serenading the bulls to sleep. When he’s on vacation, which is admittedly rare, he enjoys diving for pearls in the Marianas Trench. And most recently, Preston was nominated for Entertainer Of The Year at the 2021 Texas Country Music Awards.

Simply put: Tyler Preston is the best damn one-man band you’ve ever seen. His timeless sound has been described as “a little south of country and a little west of rock and roll.” Underpinned by his trademark finger-lickin’ chicken-pickin’ and buttery-smooth baritone voice, the boot-stompin’, chair-rockin’ Tyler Preston Show continues to wow audiences around the world with timeless country ballads, blistering blues guitar, rock and roll anthems, classic pop singalongs, even a harmonica solo— and it’s coming soon to a city near you!


Booking: Kestrel Preston

Yes! I want a weekly email with new music, merch, and show dates from Tyler